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Mission Statement

Bear Wells Realty Investments is a boutique-style investment real estate consulting firm. We specialize in buildings bearing the Federal Government as its tenant. We optimize investment opportunities for our clients through a full spectrum of services. Our expertise lies in not only working with investors, but also guiding and educating them throughout the process of buying and selling. Then, we provide needed services beyond the closing of the purchase. We secure the best returns for our investors by offering a tenant with the credit of a US treasury bond. 

Who benefits from these investments



 Agricultural Landowners


1031 Exchangers

Real Estate Investors

Estate beneficiaries

If you need a qualified expert who knows how to (1) Find these properties, (2) Manage the transaction, and (3) Guide you through the process … Bear Wells is here! Our goal is to offer our clients the best returns while also providing a safe, secure investment



Meet the people that will help manage your investment.
Karen J. Wells
Karen J. Wells

Managing Broker LIC # 18504

Karen has more than 15-years of experience in guiding investors through the process of buying and successfully closing federally tenanted properties, seamlessly. Karen's goal is to make sure that investors, whether experienced or a novice are well represented, and understand all aspects of ownership and management of their investment, and to educate them throughout the process of acquisition, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Karen was educated in England, but spent her summer vacation spending time at her family's cabins in Oregon. Her Grandfather, Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas built the cabins in the 1930s. Karen spent those summers riding horses, fishing, and hiking in the Wallowa mountains

    Glyn Desmond
    Glyn Desmond

    Broker LIC #56311

    Before Glyn moved to the Seattle area in 1991, he had been an English police constable and had owned construction companies for 20 years in both the US and in the UK where he specialized in government contract work. Glyn received his real estate license in 1994 for his own business. In 2013, he met Karen Wells and became captivated in GSA expertise and the niche market that Bear Wells caters to. Over the last few years he has expanded his experience and insight into this highly specialized market.

      Stephanie Davis
      Stephanie Davis

      Broker LIC #108790

      Stephanie is the newest member of the Bear Wells team and is Karen's daughter. Stephanie graduated from Washington State University. Over the years Stephanie's summer vacations meant visiting family members and trips up to the cabins in Oregon's Wallowa mountains. It was after the move to Atlanta in 2017 that Stephanie decided to devote more time to real estate and started to work in the family business. She now holds a Washington state real estate license and is gaining experience in investment grade real estate and hopes eventually to step into her mother's role as a company officer and be the designated broker for Bear Wells.

        Other Team Members

        Bear Wells works with other professionals to ensure you achieve the best results from your investment. You may already have some team members in place, if not, we can recommend people we have worked with before who are experts in their field and know the special requirements of federally tenanted buildings.
        These team members would include some or all of the following professionals:
        • Attorney
        • Accountant
        • 1031 Exchange Facilitator
        • Commercial Lending Specialist
        • Surveyor
        • Property Inspector
        • Title & Escrow Officer

          Contact information

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