Managing wealth for my family included selling part of the farm and completing a 1031 exchange into income producing property. After three generations of farmers the upcoming generation has other goals. In my study of the benefits of a 1031 tax exchange, I was introduced to Karen Wells. Karen was able to find multiple government lease properties across the nation. I was impressed with the quality of the properties and the lease returns. We bought Federal government lease properties that I believe will hold value long term with very competitive capitalization rates. Karen Wells with Bear Wells is a true expert who delivers value. I was worried that as the process moved forward the cap rate would deteriorate but Karen was a bulldog keeping the full return rate. I would strongly recommend Karen Wells to find and help procure investment properties to facilitate a 1031 exchange. I was in a good position as every step of the way each of the members of the team I had put in place had working relationships with other team members in delivering successful, tax free, low fee, investment grade property exchanges.