Track Record: Illustrated on the Coverage Area Map, Bear Wells is known by developers and GSA specialists for quickly bringing offers from unusually well-prepared buyers. Before presenting offers, we educate our buyers on this type of lease and market pricing. Bear Wells helps buyers with ownership expectations, due diligence, financing, and then with ownership transition concerns, post-closing. Because of our record of smooth progression through a deal and the resulting low legal, general, or fall out costs: Bear Wells’ exceptionally qualified buyers are often given a “first look” at off-market projects.

When representing a buyer or a seller we work under a contract with our clients. With a seller, the contract would be a listing agreement and with a buyer, it is called a buyer’s advisor agreement.

If you are the buyer in any of these types of transactions, it is important to have a broker who will work with your best interests in mind. Without a buyer’s advisor agreement and buyer’s representative, the seller is the only one with representation. So, their interests will prevail, not yours.

GSA leases are unique … and complicated. We encourage you to get advice from someone who understands them well. A buyer’s agreement enables us to source property from many different places, and therefore offer a wider choice of buildings.

We Cover All 50 States

  • Bear Wells participates in transactions throughout the United States.
  • Our Property Management program covers the entire country.
  • No matter where in the USA your federal property is, Bear Wells Realty Investments will support you with every step of your investment. From Maine to California, from Florida to Alaska, we have you covered.

Below is a map in which we have shared some of our transactions.