Could your Property be More Profitably-Managed While Enhancing the Tenant Relationship?

Over the past decade, Bear Wells has worked with more and more investors who would like to retire and place their hard-earned retirement funds into an investment that is “hands-off.” But they also want to be sure it’s managed by a management company that cares!

Bear Wells Realty Investments’ objectives for the property management of government properties is to implement a full government services platform that includes advising and assisting clients throughout the investment process and beyond.

One of the primary considerations when purchasing real estate with federal tenants your level of involvement with day-to-day management after acquisition of the building.

If you have no experience in property management, and you want to avoid a management fee, then you’ll be fully involved on daily basis. You will be buying yourself a job and managing your property full time.  

If you do not prefer to be involved, we encourage you to use a professional management company that specializes in buildings having federal tenants. We recommend using a company that understands the daily responsibilities and uniqueness of the GSA / federal government lease, and also how to keep the tenant happy while looking out for your cash-flow income.  Bear Wells has this experience with federal government leases. We know the contractual obligations to ensure that the tenant remains in the property for years to come. By knowing the government (GSA) structure and contracting officers and maintaining a good relationship with the office managers, we keep things running smoothly.  

As an investor, you choose the level of management involvement you desire. It’s your choice.

We use local vendors that tend to each location in accordance with the lease. Annually, an executive of Bear Wells will visit the property to ensure that the Landlord and Tenants are meeting all requirements. 

Here’s a list of our services:

  • Help with the transfer of ownership within the government system
  • Budgets and reserve study
  • At least one visit to the site each year
  • Bookkeeping and monthly reports
  • Hire and supervise vendors
  • Deal with the tenant’s needs
  • Negotiate tenant improvements
  • Lease renegotiation
  • The Property Management Fee is already included in any expenses presented by Bear Wells.
  • Supervise any future landlord work or tenant improvements cost.
Social Security Administration (SSA) & Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)

Social Security Administration (SSA) & Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).